Board of Trustees:

Susan Scott, President
Mary Cauble, Vice President
Sue Cooper, Secretary
David Wells, Treasurer

Karen Rasco, Library Director (ex officio)
Ann Jalbert, President of the Friends of the Library (ex officio)

Dominique Inge
Harold Granek
Judith Clevenger
Amy Smith
Lula Pope
Monty Lewis
Ernestine Shugart, Advisory Trustee
Mary Cheyne, Advisory Trustee



Karen Rasco, Library Director
Rhiannon Graham, Assistant Director
Cindy Lincoln, Catalog Supervisor
Carla Connolly-White, Office Clerk
Diane McMasters, Library Clerk
Melody Irish, Library Clerk
Sue Wallace, Shelver
Elizabeth Boyes, Shelver
Deborah Scarborough, Shelver
Amey McClung, Shelver
Cyndy Bobek, Shelver

In addition to the Hood County Library Foundation, the Library benefits from the active support of two other volunteer organizations: the Hood County Library Advisory Board, and the Friends of the Hood County Library.


The idea for a Library in Hood County began with the Junior Woman's Club (now known as Granbury Woman's Club).

1964 Friends of the Library for Hood County organized to establish a public library.
1964-1968 Friends of the Library organized book drives and provided volunteer staffing for the library at its several initial locations (from a room in the GISD administration building, to the Nutt House building, to a location on the south side of the Historic Square).

Opening of the Hood County Library with a new building provided by former Hood County resident, Floyd West, with the stipulation that the library would be county supported.

A library tax was approved by Hood County voters.

The Hood County Commissioners' Court appointed a nine-member Hood County Library Advisory Board, with its first meeting held on October 17, 1968 in the office of County Judge Marion Thomas.

1968-1974 Nettie Baccuss served as first Director of the Hood County Library.
1974-2004 Jeanell Morris served as Director of the Hood County Library.
1977 First library expansion with exterior stone supplied by Floyd West from an old stone fence on his Squaw Creek ranch.
1995-1996 Additional library expansion.
2004-2011 Shari McAllister served as Library Director of the Hood County Library.
2008 Hood County Library Foundation organized.
2011-2015 Courtney Kincaid served as Library Director of the Hood County Library.
2016 Karen Rasco appointed as Library Director of the Hood County Library.
2017 Hood County Commissioners' Court votes to expand Library.